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– About Kavod Adonai Ministries –

This ministry exists for exactly what the Hebrew words ‘Kavod Adonai’ means which is the glory of the LORD. We aim to do our part in spreading the knowledge of the glory of the LORD to wherever God leads us. In 2012 God placed a desire in our hearts to create a website whereby we can reach people with the message of hope and to have a platform which we will use as a centralized communication hub where all the different areas of this ministry, like outreaches, church planting, evangelism, prayer walks, training and whatever area of ministry God opens up for us, will be published. In the beginning of 2013 God opened the pathway for the start of what we believe will be a tool in the hands of the Master Potter.

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– About Chris –

Saved in 2009, never looked back. Studying Theology (B.Th.) while Juggling a career in a large national company and being a husband and father is only made possible through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the strength of Christ by the grace of my heavenly Father.

– About Johanita –

After growing up in a Christian home I re-committed my life to Christ in 2009.As a full time business leader, mother, wife and friend it is evident that complete joy, peace and happiness in every aspect of life, is not possible without Jesus Christ and my heart’s desire is to teach the people of God’s unfailing love.

– About Drian –

Born on the 5th of May 2011, I am truly the product of God’s unfailing love and grace. Every time daddy and mommy look at me, they are reminded that if it weren’t for God’s saving grace through Christ Jesus that saved their marriage and their lives, I would not be!

– About Hanlo –

I arrived on the 10th of March 2014 into a Jesus loving family. I am sure to fulfil the prophecy spoken about my life to my mom whilst I was still in her tummy and that is to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. I look forward to be used as an instrument in the Potter’s hand.


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